Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Mistakes, a blanky and some sock yarn

Thanks for so many lovely comments about the modelled jacket! Nettie amused me by commenting with the following:

You do know that every lurking knitter in Canberra is going to walk up to you in the street when you wear it to tell you how fabulous you look. (Oh, did that sound a bit spooky? I didn't mean it to.)

I laughed out loud. Not spooky. Just funny. It's kind of distinctive looking, isn't it?

As far as mentioning the mistakes goes, I really only did so because that project was such a steep learning curve, and took up so many months, that I hope not to forget the mistakes because they'll stand me in good stead down the track when I use any of those techniques again. To say it's perfect means denying that I messed some things up through lack of knowledge or just plain frustration and confusion. They're all things I want to get right next time!

And I still have so much to learn. I looked at other such projects on Ravelry on the weekend, all projects tagged with the word 'steek' and wow, it's among some excellent company. There's an amazing array out there of incredible work and I got a little kick out of seeing my jacket listed there. Not only that, but I felt little tug of longing to make some of the items I saw. I mustn't be too scarred by the process if I could feel that!

In the meantime, I started Sean's pi blanky.

It's much bigger than this now - but this is how it looked when it was born on Saturday morning.

Elizabeth Zimmerman has you do what she called Emily Ocker's Beginning. No idea who Emily Ocker is but it's a pretty cool little cast on she does.

I couldn't get my head around it from the line drawings in The Knitting Workshop. I could see it used a crochet hook, some single crochets and that you moved onto needles after that but it felt clumsy. So that link above is a good one, if you're keen to see it.

And how this thing grows! For maths dummy like me, it seems like pure magic that in the space of a couple of hours, increasing at specified rounds, you could go from 9 stitches to 144 and then 288 and so on.

It's quite plain so far but I'm adding in some simple lacey bits to open it up a bit and really, it's the best TV knitting I've ever seen. It's gonna be one warm lap blanky when it's done.

Finally, here's what RoseRed's Cherry Tree Hill yarn has been up to. She took the comments on board and hung out in the veggie patch on Sunday afternoon.

Here she is with the Thai Bird Chillies

She chose this spot. She thought the red and purple suited her nicely. Not that she'd eat them. She's RoseRed's sock yarn, after all.

And here she is with the now quite enormous Chinese Cabbages. Don't worry RoseRed, I didn't let any of the cabbage moths near her. And there were a few.

And yes, she did go to the pub last week but it was a work do, with only four people there, so she kept herself hidden and there were no photo ops. We decided my team weren't quite ready to deal with the notion of a misbehaving skein of sock yarn!