Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Contest Winner and a blanky story

I'm very excited to announce my 2nd blogoversary contest winner. People went to town leaving comments a few weeks ago so there were quite a few entrants. I loved all the readers who came out of the woodwork. I got to check out lots of blogs I hadn't read before.

And so, the winner, as selected by a random number generator is


Terby lives in South Carolina and I've been reading her blog for quite some time now. We correspond a bit and happen to share an uncannily similar cardigan wardrobe!

So Terby, drop me a line telling me where to send your gear and I'll get to it. I wanted to wait to see who won before I decided on the prize, but I did manage to collect a few bits and pieces when I was visiting the Southern Highlands with RoseRed last week.


I promised to tell the story of Sean and his blankie, if he'd let me. Quite rightly, he pointed out that as I'd already mentioned it on the blog, he really had no choice. Oops!

Anyway, last night I finally gave him his pi shawl blanky and he was very, very happy with it. There was a freakishly early snow fall on the ranges last night so it was very timely.

So the story is this.

When Sean was a wee little boy, he had a blanky that he loved (his mother told me this story). He carried it everywhere and, as well loved blankies are wont to do, it got dirty and needed washing from time to time.

There was one time (I don't know if it happened more than once - not the washing, but this particular occurrence), Sean's blanky was hanging on the washing line, blowing around and around and he was so attached that he followed it around as it spun around in the breeze, longing for it and waiting for it to dry.

Was he watching for it to make sure it didn't blow away? Who can tell. But eventually, it was dry and returned to him and I imagine he was one happy little boy.

The pi blanky will, under no circumstances, be hung on the line to dry. Ever.