Thursday, 15 May 2008

A Day In My Life: 14 May

I've watched RoseRed do this meme for a couple of months now and have always chickened out at the last minute because I forgot my camera. Not this time. I was armed and ready yesterday!

Here we go. This was my day on 14 May 2008. Start to finish. Only the interesting bits, I hope!

6am - 7am: It's an injection day. That's always a fun one to start with. Get up, shower, dress, check blogs over tea and discuss the Federal Budget from the night before. Honest response? Feeling miffed there was so much in there about 'families' of which we may never be one 'with children'. Just a reminder that makes me feel sad.

7am-ish: Leave the house together (usually we bus separately) but it's blood test day so we headed out to Deakin nice and early. The world looked like this.

and this

I do honestly live in a city although it's hard to tell from these photos. This is one of the reasons why Canberra is called the Bush Capital. Lovely, huh?

8am: Leave Sean in Woden and head for the city by bus. Treated myself to a donut and coffee (decaf) before work. I like to do this after blood tests. It helps replenish my blood sugar levels, right?

And I stopped for a moment to read the unputdownable new Yarn Harlot book which was a gift from Amy in Rhode Island. I love it and the package from Amy deserves a blogpost of its own.

8:40am - 12:00pm - Working, but not without some all important online catching up - blogs, friends who are also computer bound. Experienced deep jealousy that RoseRed was working from home and sitting on her sunny deck in her PJs.

However, somewhere in there, a package was delivered from Louiz (Random Acts of Yarn) in the UK. She asked for my address some weeks ago and lo and behold, a surprise arrived.

It's a package of these cool (literally) stickers you put on your head when you have a migraine. Louiz took pity on me a couple of weeks ago when I had a migraine but couldn't take anything other than Panadol for it. People do the most thoughtful things! And the yarn.....the yarn! Cherry Tree hill in DK weight. Here's a close up.

Pretty! I should take stuff to work to photograph more often in winter. I actually get the chance to take photos in good light since I'm by a window! Thank you Louiz. That's astoundingly kind. Louiz was a fellow steeked jacketer. Hers is black and grey and lovely.

12:15pm - lunch with fellow blogger Jess (new friend) and older friend, Karen. I got a prize for Jess's 100th blogpost contest. This is not a usual day for me - two presents!

A pin cushion - so cute - chocolate (the good stuff!) and a package of sprout seeds which is so great because I have been thinking of doing this. Jess also gave me a button necklace which I was wearing when I took this photo - it just happened to go with my shirt perfectly! Thank you Jess!

Over pasta we were entertained by their daughters who took turns trying on a hat that Jess made.

Miss 2

And Miranda

Nice lunch. Nice company.

1:30pm - 5pm - work. Emails. Work. Check Ravelry. Work. Emails. Blogs. Work. And so on. Got a call from the clinic at some point to be told my hormone levels were 'beautiful'. My nurse is called Buffy. This amuses RoseRed no end. Me, too actually.

5pm: Sean is in town so he collects me so I don't have to take the bus. This is a nice treat. It's getting dark early these days.

We discuss the fall out from the Federal budget on the way home and I don't knit because I'm too damn tired.

6pm - 7:30pm - Sean cooks dinner and I knit in my new PJs on my brother's vest, which I haven't blogged about yet. It's cool. It's the same one Donna just made and I followed her lead and converted it to be knit in the round. It's so fast that way!

Sean served up fabulous Chinese Pork Ribs with Chinese cabbage that we grew ourselves.

Then we watched all our favourite Wednesday night shows (had to tape Ugly Betty because of a clash) and at 10pm, after the Catherine Tait Show, we went to bed where I kept reading The Yarn Harlot. Nice end to the day.