Sunday, 1 June 2008

Tour De-Creek

Every weekend when we drive to our local markets, we pass people out walking along a lake right near our house, Lake Ginninderra. Every weekend, I look at them and think, 'we should be doing that, too. I want to be the people who walk on the weekends.'

This weekend, we did it for the first time. At the point where we began, the cement block above was nestled in the grass. And so began Tour De-Creek. I just googled that and apparently, it's a popular trail around part of Lake Ginninderra, or the creek part of it.

The things you learn about places just five minutes from your home!

We set off and soon found ourselves in the wetlands part, where there were birds.

There were quite a few birds, it was just hard to get close to them for photos.

Further on, we found cows.

Some beautiful trees.

Some stunning moss on trees.

And we ended up at a 'beach' - such as it was, being on the far side of a still and quiet creek.

There's a bit local Indigenous information. Canberra is built on Ngunnawal land (pronounced Nunn-a-wol).

Now, we are those people who walk around the lake on the weekends. I'll look forward to next weekend!