Friday, 16 May 2008

Old faithful

Around four years ago, I bought a black t-shirt. Not a momentous occassion by any stretch of the imagination. I think I even bought on it sale. At Allens, as I recall, which is odd because I'm not in the habit of shopping there. It's not that I don't like it. It's just not in a location that I pass easily.

This t-shirt was a soft stretchy fabric and fitted me very well. Scoop necked, clingy in just the right way. I've learned from Trinny and Susannah that someone with curves and lumpy bits needs supportive fabric. This t-shirt soon showed itself to be exactly that. And it went with everything.

In next to no time, it was my best friend. Or bestie, a term that's being thrown around a lot now and which grates on me ever so slightly. When I went back some time later to get a new one, because one is just not enough, there were none left.

Interestingly, I've never seen anyone else wearing my favourite t-shirt. I feel somewhat bitter about the fact that clearly everyone bought one that year and yet I've never seen another around town.

Canberra's not that big. In a town where you can see two girls wearing the same skirt from Target on the bus, seeing no one in your favourite t-shirt that clearly sold out is mystifying.

I think if I did see one, I'd wrestle strongly with the desire to offer the wearer money for it

Some time later, when I found I adored Nigella Lawson's look of a soft cardi over a scoop necked black t-shirt, it came in particularly handy. This is the look I was shooting for.

So comfortable and when you've got a variety of different coloured cardigans (I began collecting them) it proves an invaluable way to mix n match without actually having to think about it much. Probably most of the photos I've posted of myself here show me wearing Old Faithful!

So I went in search of other black t-shirts. I have loads now and not one of them is as beloved as my scoop necked Allens t-shirt which probably cost me as little as $20.

In the cycle of life, all things have their day and I think Old Faithful's day is nigh. It's not here yet but as I pulled her off the drying rack this morning (I wear her 2-3 times a week!) I stopped and felt how thin she is. The support isn't there anymore. The fabric is weakened by wear. There's a kind of low-level pilling showing up all over her.

I sighed. I'm not ready to let her go and so most likely she'll be relegated to weekend wear some time soon. Isn't that akin to putting your horse out to pasture? It's still with you, just not as useful anymore.

I've been attached to clothes before. I never have an extensive wardrobe so I do tend to get very attached to one or two pieces but this one is different. I've never known anything like her and I can't imagine life without Old Faithful.

She's the best of both worlds, fabulously familiar and comfortable and incredibly utilitarian. She can be dressed up or go casual. She's a t-shirt for all seasons and when I put her on, I feel I am ok.

I'm heartbroken and she's not even gone yet.