Monday, 19 May 2008

Well that was fun!

I don't know about you but when you put me in a large but confined space with

a) loads of people (many of whom are friends)
b) heaps of noise
c) money in my pocket
d) mountains of yarn

what happens is I have a little explosion in my brain.

I mean really, look at it all! Piles of the stuff!


Monica's hand dyed

And this!

Waratah Fibres (no link)

And this!

FARM Yarns (no link)

And that's not even a fraction of it.

The Old Bus Depot Markets are, just that, an old bus depot that's been weekly markets for many, many years. They have themes some weeks and once a year, we get to go hang with the fibre.

This year, I got to hang, for the most part, with George, Kylie (who was in town from Wollongong for the weekend) and young PJ.

You can so tell PJ is the son of a yarn addict knitter. He knows all about the soft squishy goodness.
When he wasn't touching a skein to his cheek to check for softness (as if there was anything softer than a toddler cheek!), he was playing with sheep

Or digging in the bins.

Between the yarn, the accessories and a toddler, there was loads of fun to be had.

Now, what did Bells buy?

First up, I bought some gifts for other people. They can't be blogged, only mailed.

I bought this to make a clapotis. As Kylie said in her write up, she and I both bought some for this purpose because we must be two of the last remaining clapotis-less knitters in the known universe.

It's from Fibreworks - 8ply Merino. Hard to see but it's got charcoal and a smokey green in it. Love it.

Next, some red stuff.

Very red, huh? Not quite so fire-enginey in person but not far off. It's from a producer from Gerringong, NSW called Glenora Weaving and I loved their stuff. Such luxury. Let's not dwell on the fact that I'm yet to complete an item in laceweight yarn and yet I keep buying it.

Finally, the last purchase, made on impulse while George and PJ were listening to a band, some undyed merino in an enormous hank. Kylie and I were both smitten with this stuff. We wanted a jumper's worth but somehow managed to restrain ourselves. She got the chocolate. I got the vanilla.

Am not planning to dye this. I've been having visions of earthy toned, natural, unadulterated yarn lately and imagining cables, warmth and, yes, even a little scratchiness. Call me crazy. I want the scratchiness. Not that this is awfully scratchy and it does have little flecks of grass in it.

After that, I went home and collapsed. All that over-stimulation leads just wore me out but it was worth it. So very worth it.

We got stuff for RoseRed too but she'll have to wait until it arrives before she gets to see what goodies we found for her! Shopping with someone else's money, for them, is strangely scary!