Saturday, 14 June 2008

A Day In My Life: 14 June 08

Last month, this meme was fun. I spent a work day making a record of how I spent the day. Imagine my delight when I realised this morning that the 14th of the month fell on a Saturday, so I wouldn't have to try and make a work day sound interesting!

This month, I get to spend a quiet day at home, being domestic, sound exciting. Hold onto your hats, people. It's gonna be thrilling.

Early in the morning, while there was still a frost, I ducked outside in my PJs to snap shots of the winterland. No photos of me in my PJs, thankfully!

The best of them was my broccoli.

I'm loving garden fresh broccoli right now. It's delightful. Just a fair amount of bugs to deal with but they don't hang around long once I soak it in cold water.

I was fairly excited about my baby brussel sprouts too. I saw some at the markets later for $4.99 a punnet and I thought, well, we're sitting on a little gold mine in our garden!

After I frolicked, we headed to the Belconnen Markets, our usual weekend haunt. I took photos.

The outside one was ok. When it came time to take a photo inside, Sean said I failed to notice the people ducking rapidly out of the frame.

Apparently, I committed a social faux pas. Ooops. Just before I snapped this one, there was a man directly in front of me but I swear I thought he was kinda looking away and besides, I wasn't really interested in him per se!

Breakfast followed. Usually I'm an egg girl. Today, I had a sweet tooth and had crepes with citrus cream cheese and berries. It was FABULOUS.

And naturally, given it was World Wide Knit In Public Day, I worked on my Cutaway Cardigan. But you know, I knit in public ALL the time so this was not unusual.

The afternoon was all about the garden. Weeding mainly. But it was nice. The sun shone and I reconnected with my plants after a week of getting home in the dark and not knowing what was going on out there.

My everlasting daisies look beautiful. I'm in love.

My winter flowering Daphne apparently smells wonderful. It looks stunning.

And later, when I was weeding my broad bean bed, I found baby catmint plants. We have more catmint than is really necessary for one domestic garden but it's a sentimental favourite of mine and I am incapable of killing off the babies.

While Sean was busy with his own less pleasant jobs, I surreptitiously lifted tiny little catmint babies and planted them in spaces around the yard. I just couldn't help it.

For the next hour I worked on my depth of field skills with a tree which we can't identify. But it's got nice looking buds and is covered in bees. I will save you from the dozens of photos of bees on buds and give you only two.

Anyone recognise the buds?

For the latter part of the day, we had quiet time. Sean worked on a job application and I worked on a secret project which I'll hopefully be able to post about next week. So, no photos of that. But it's finished and I'm happy.

Dinner was a roast chicken which was not, in my opinion, up to my usual standards but it was washed down with a Chardonnay so not all bad. No photo of the chicken, but I thought the thyme and sage and the lemon that came out of it made for an interesting shot.

But dessert! Oh my Lord. Lemon Delicious Pudding. Courtesy of Stephanie Alexander's The Cook's Companion.

As I took the first sublime mouthful, I wondered, where has Lemon Delicious Pudding been all my life? Apparently, it's a classic. Not in my house. But it's bound to be from now on. I promised Sean something lemony for dessert (made with lemons I scored from a colleagues backyard) and I don't think he was disappointed.

And so the 14th came to an end. Or it will soon, after I've finished my tea, watched a bit more TV (a Midsomer Murders repeat) and sunk into heavenly sleep to the sound of the dishwasher doing the dinner dishes for us.