Monday, 2 June 2008

One hefty dose of fibre

For the longest time, my father in law has been telling me about a huge batch of wool he's had for years. I hear the story a lot and didn't quite have a clear idea of what he was describing and wasn't sure I'd actually ever see it.

There were vague details. Bags of wool. Ready to be spun. Twenty years old. Not being a spinner and not being certain of how it might have been stored, I only half kept one ear on what he said.

This weekend just gone, I found out that I should have been paying a lot more attention! See this bag?

This is what's in it.

And here's how it looks up close. It's very soft. I'm quite delighted with how it feels.

How much does it weigh? He guessed around 10kg (22lb). When I weighed it, it turned out to be 6.5kg (14lb). That's still a truck load of fibre!

And as if that isn't amazing enough - there's more! He can't quite say how much but there's more and he's had it since 1988! It's been stored in a shed on his country property for the longest time. He figured one day, someone who was interested would show up, and as he put it over dinner on Saturday night, 'With your enthusiasm for knitting, I thought you might be interested.'

Ah, yes. Indeed.

I might have to learn to spin. Soon. Although, it's been sitting around for twenty years, a few more won't hurt.

Oh and here's a useful tip. On Ravelry I learned that if there are crusty bits (and there are certainly a few crusty bits on this bundle) they can be put in the compost or used under mulch in the garden! Cool!

In case you're wondering how he came across it, there's a story. That's just like my father in law. There's always a story. This one involves the back of a truck, but quite legitimately apparently. It fell off the back of a truck and he held onto it, thinking someone would claim it. I think after 20 years, he can probably say it's his. Or mine. Ours?

We heard from Sean's brother today. He's arrived in the States and says one of his bags is missing. It'd better not be the bag with the gifts for Julie in it!!!