Sunday, 6 July 2008

The clapotis and visitors

After a crazily busy weekend full of house guests (including Kate from Wagga Wagga who dropped by for tea and knitting!), cooking and generally being on the go, I finally got a chance to take some photos of my clapotis this afternoon. Or rather, Sean took the photos.

I'm really happy with it. It's what I wanted - not a scarf and not a shawl, but a wrap. This does mean that I'm still figuring out how I should wear it, but there's plenty of winter left for me to do this.


It's very soft and very warm. Around the house, I've been throwing it over myself and using it as something between a blanket and a shawl.


It also doubles very well and something to play hiding games with when you've got a visiting nephew. Sadly, no photos of that.

Here are the specs.

Pattern: Clapotis from the Autumn 04 Knitty.
Fibreworks 8ply. Fibreworks is an Australian yarn that i've only ever seen at the Old Bus Depot Markets but it can be bought at the link provided. It's absolutely gorgeous. Thanks to George and RoseRed for selling me their spare skeins when it became clear I was going to run out.
Needles: Knitpicks Options 5mm
Modifications: I used the fairly popular modification (as pointed out to me by RoseRed) of making the stitches that would be dropped purl stitches instead of marking them with stitch markers. This is an excellent modification and I highly recommend it. I also did way more repeats of the straight section than recommended. It went on forever.
Date: Started 20 May 08 - finished 2 July 08.


Yes, it's one of the most commonly knit projects in the world. And yes, I am very late to this party, but hey, better late than never, right? I'm delighted with it and imagine it will be well loved for many, many years to come!

I'll just leave you with a photo from the weekend of house guests. Willem and I spent yesterday afternoon making a Lemon Tart for dessert. Adele warned me he likes to taste test frequently while cooking and I have to say she was right!


This is the apron my mum made being put to good use.

I was very sad when he and Adele left. He runs around a lot, wants to play a lot, demands attention in the most delightful way and loves cuddles. The house was quieter when he left, and there were teddies everywhere (I have a box put away that comes out when he visits) but the house felt somehow empty without him. Little people are beautiful and fun and it was a lovely visit.

I also cast on for the Tour De France knit along yesterday but I'll post about that tomorrow.