Monday, 7 July 2008

Let the sprinting begin!

Tour De France started on the weekend and with it, the Knit Along. I knew it was coming and I was itching to cast on on Friday night, the night before the race. That would have been naughty though, because you weren't supposed to cast on in my catergory until Saturday.

I was saved from cheating by the fact that the measurements I'd taken for Adele placed her neatly between two sizes. I was going to have to measure her again, wearing a version of the cardigan I'd made myself. It was a good thing she was coming back on Saturday.

And anyway, no one likes a cheat, do they? Especially not in a race like Tour De France. I know I've set myself a huge goal - knitting a cardigan in three weeks, but still, that's not a reason to cheat.

So anyway, this is the cardigan I'm making for her. It's from Cleckheaton Studio Mohair booklet #941. I think it will suit her really well. I chose this pattern not because of its links to anything French but because it's for Adele, which is a good French name, thereby qualifying for entry into the race.

I made it for myself two years ago and this time am avoiding mohair. Instead, I'm using some lovely soft alpaca which Adele chose from the options I gave her.

By the time the race started on Saturday night, Adele and I were in our PJs, and we were all full of Beef Bourguignon (oh how apt!) and Tarte au Citron (doubly apt! I swear I didn't plan it!) and very nearly ready to fall asleep on the couch. But we waited up and I started the cardigan and was on my way. That's all that counts.

I love the eyelets. They keep me just interested enough in all those endless stocking stitch rows.

Finally, tomorrow I am going to Alice Springs for work. For all you overseas-ians (a term coined by RoseRed recently) this is where I'm going.

Look for Canberra, just south of Sydney, then go to the middle of the country to Alice Springs. It's the most central city in Australia and it's in the outback. Population around 26,000 and temperatures a good 15 degrees (celcius) warmer than here!

This will be my first trip to the Northern Territory - the red centre! I'll be gone from Tuesday to Saturday for an Indigenous Education conference so am not sure what kind of internet access I'll have. I've future dated a post to publish in my absence so it'll be just like I'm still here.

Think of Sean, home alone, fending for himself for the week. I really wish he could come with me.