Monday, 29 September 2008

Time away

I am very happy to report that as far as retreats from the world go, Berry is among the best.

We just spent four days hiding out at Coolaroo Lodge, a spacious, peaceful B&B which just so happens to be run by the in-laws of a friend of mine. The garden, which we spent much time admiring, is beautiful.

Our hosts, Robyn and Peter, were friendly, welcoming and also nearly invisible. We really felt like we were quite alone for much of the time, which in our experience of B&Bs can be a hard balance to strike. 

We really couldn't ask for anything more, except perhaps for more time. You know how you just start to unwind on a holiday? And it's time to come  home again? That's how we felt, a bit.

Berry is the perfect town for us. It's nestled comfortably in dairy country, with mountains surrounding it, beautiful bushland nearby and just a short walk down the road you hit Seven Mile Beach.

Weekend in Berry

1. Tinselworm Kite2, 2. The waves of Seven Mile Beach, 3. crab, 4. scrub, 5. flowers, 6. daisy, 7. lantana,

We ate, drank, walked, slept, knitted and watched DVDs and most days that started early because we both woke around 6am, loving the knowledge that the days stretched out before us.

Do we feel better? Sort of. 

I can really only speak for myself and I have to say that going away did not make me happy. It gave me the space to be sad without the pressure of work or things that needed to be done at home. I think we both needed that. No doctors appointments, no injections, no grim reminders. 

For the most part, I lost myself entirely in knitting my Hemlock Ring Blanket which, in a day or so I'll be able to post as a completed project. I honestly think that without the focus of an engrossing project, I would not have been able to switch off as much as I did. I find it hard to get out of my head sometimes and I think I did manage it sometimes in Berry. 

One of my favourite moments was the morning we spent on the beach flying a kite. I think we both found a new way to unwind. 

And for the observant among you, yes, the face you see there on the kite is that of British comedian, Bill Bailey. The kite was for sale recently at his show and Sean thought it was too novel to pass up. It was tremendous fun watching Bill Bailey sail above the waves.

I've not yet touched on the fact that RoseRed came to visit and that we got to hang out in a fabulous wool shop. I'll save that for the next post.