Wednesday, 1 October 2008

A True Story & Blogtoberfest

As mentioned in my last post, while we were in Berry, RoseRed and her husband come to visit, Sydney being only 90 minutes or so away. They arrived around lunch time and we met up in the delightful little wool shop, Sew and Tell. 

We did a quick scout around before heading next door to The Posthouse for lunch and a bottle of wine.

Immediately after lunch, we sent the boys off to go and do other stuff, giving them strict instruction to leave us in peace at Sew and Tell for the next 45 mins or so. They left, making jokes about credit limits etc and we got down to business. 

We leafed through the fabulous collection of knitting books; we fondled Mission Falls, Cascade 220, Debbie Bliss and Tilli Thomas. We checked out accessories and chose fabric for a gift for Quilting Mick's birthday.

Then I bought yarn. Six skeins, to be precise. Cascade 220. Look.

cascade 220

I've never had any Cascade 220. It's just too hard to get here, or so I thought. 

It's worsted weight. It's soft. It's fabulously rich in colour. And at Sew and Tell, it's very nicely priced! I had to get enough for a cardigan. I couldn't not. So I'm very happy.

And here's where the True Story of the title comes in. RoseRed left the shop without a single skein of anything. No wool. No alpaca. No silk. No cotton. No llama (yes, there was llama there!). Nothing. Just a sock book. I would never have believed this could happen, but it did. I saw it with my own eyes. 

Maybe there really is such a thing as 'enough' yarn. 

One other nice anecdote from our weekend away is this. We sat down at the Sourdough Bakery for lunch on Friday and I pulled out my current sock in progress. I was knitting away when a waiter, a rather nice looking waiter to be precise, stood over me and said, 'You just couldn't leave it at home, could you?'

I glanced up, a little taken aback and said, 'Sorry?'

He replied, laughing, 'Oh don't mind me. My girlfriend takes her knitting everywhere, too.'

I immediately started trying to figure out if I know any knitters from Berry. I could only think of one. The Stripey Tiger and I don't think her husband is a waiter. 

And finally, I just decided to join in on a bloggy thing I just read about tonight - Blogtoberfest. Thanks Jess for mentioning it. It's being hosted by Big Cat's Emporium. You just have to post everyday for the month of October.

I've shied away from 'post every day for a month' things in the past, but I feel up to the challenge now, even if some days I just post a photo and a few words. 

Now that my first post for Blogtoberfest is done, I'm going to sit down and finish my Hemlock Memory Blanket. I'm THAT close.