Monday, 27 October 2008

Day 27: Lacing Around

I thought it was high time I did an initial look at what people who are participating in A Long, Lacy Summer are up to. It was fabulous to see all the sign ups and I've been watching as knitters have started to dip their toes into the water. 

So when I sat down to start writing this, I wondered what's the best way to do it. Anyone can follow the sidebar links and see what people are up to, but maybe it's fun to do a bit of a spotlight on people too. But how, without making each post about it overwhelming and full? So I'm going to trial just doing a few at a time. That way I can post a few photos that I've found around the place and let you admire the fabulous work people are doing. 

Today, Dianne has posted her pink lace shawl from Victoria Lace Today. I've admired Dianne's work for some time and if you look at her post, you'll see why. She shows us the pink shawl plus some other stunning work she's done in the past. A Tour de Lace, so to speak.

Dianne says this is a steep learning curve for her. I want this book for Christmas and plenty of hints were dropped to Sean over the weekend as RoseRed and i sat looking over it. Something in this book will be my first cab off the rank in '09 so I'm watching Dianne's work closely.

Over at 2Hot2knit, Lynne is discovering the perils of dropping stitches in lace. On the upside, after frogging the start of her lace piece, which is for her daughter's wedding in January, she learned some valuable lessons. She shares her insights and valuable tips, one of which I found fascinating. Check it out and while you're there, have a look at the theme song this Knit Along now has. Some people have too much time on their hands, writing songs when they should be knitting!

Kylie, who is a birthday girl today, has launched herself into Cambria. It's red and going to be so beautiful. Something tells me if she's ever wearing it around RoseRed, she'd better guard it carefully.
And speaking of RoseRed, she's just finished a Forest Canopy Shawl. Isn't it beautiful?

Lovely. I saw it up close on the weekend and admired it greatly. It suits her so well. 

I've started a new shawl of my own. We shall not discuss the pink Sweet Alyssum shawl for now. Tomorrow, when there are hopefully a few more inches of rich, blue lacy goodness to show you, I'll do a post on that.

Keep up the lace work and post your pictures. I'll look forward to seeing, and featuring, more and more. 

Nearly the end of October and therefore of Blogtoberfest. Wow. Where did that month go?