Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Day 28: Blue Lace

So this focus on lace knitting is great. I'm really loving it. I'm energised and fascinated, all at once. Having the space to really look at it and think about it (ignoring the need to get on with Christmas knitting) is really suiting me right now.

The problem is finding a way to make a choice. It all looks so good. I want to make so many things and let's face it, I have enough laceweight yarn and projects in the queue to keep me going from here to Kingdom Come. But nothing happens if you don't make a choice, so make a choice I did.

I know I started the Alyssum shawl already, but it had issues, not least of which was dealing with fluffy lace, so that's on the backburner for now. Instead, I have my brand new Adamas shawl, a free pattern by Miriam Felton of Icarus shawl fame.


It's early days but I'm finding it both a moderately simple and simultaneously interesting knit. It's in Knitpicks Shadow, a colour called Jewel. My only concern is that the supposed diamond shapes look a bit more love heart shaped. Does anyone else see that or am I dreaming it? Perhaps they'll look more like diamonds once they're blocked out properly.