Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Day 29: The dot point post returns

The dot point post of last week was fun so I'm doing it again. 
  • I've been a course all day and am well on my way to brain dead. It was a course on Evaluations so thank God I had my knitting and wasn't afraid to do it.  I managed to knit the whole foot of one plain sock. Now that's a productive day.
  • I sent a text to RoseRed in the afternoon to ask her how to do a three needle bind off, which I've never bothered to learn before. She wrote back with instructions that I managed to mess up. I also texted George but didn't hear back from her (how rude! ;-)
  • When I'm away from the computer during the day, like I was today, I miss email and the internet so much I wonder if I have a problem. At what point is a love of the internet on its way to becoming a problem? 
  • We are having takeaway for dinner tonight. I was supposed to be cooking but it's that time and I feel like crap so Sean is off to get our usual. Our usual is Dry Fried Chilli Beef, Kung Po Chicken, a few calamari balls and a couple of steamed dim sims. We rarely vary this combination. Why mess with what works?
  • I wish wine went better with painkillers because I could really fancy a glass right now with my Kung Po chicken. 
  • Increasingly, I'm becoming concerned about how many people from school I'm now 'friends' with on Facebook. How did it happen that 20 years after the days when I hated them and they hated me, we've now hooked up and get to see photos of each other on the internet? At what point does it become ok to be virtual friends with girls who tortured you? Never, is my answer. Facebook is weird. 
And that'll just about do it for now. It's time for dinner. Oh, one last thing, RoseRed is looking for lace suggestions. She's found some patterns I haven't seen before and I'm intrigued to see what she chooses. Go give her your opinion