Friday, 19 December 2008

FO: Adamas Shawl

I've got a new shawl! Somehow, despite all the Christmas knitting, I've managed to fit in a bit of time for this lovely piece. Actually it's been on the go since October, so it' s not like it flew off the needles.

Also, I cheated and didn't do the full fourteen repeats of the second chart, but it's a fabulous size nonetheless. Not quite a tiny shawl, not quite huge. Just right.

It's my second finished project for A Long Lacy Summer. I just haven't been able to blog the first one yet.


It's feather-light, delicate and a rich shade of blue. All things to feel good about.


Pattern: Adamas Shawl by Miriam Felton. It's actually a free one from Miriam 'Icarus Shawl' Felton's website. 

It's a great pattern. I'm quite ok with the triangular shawl now - the way the shape appears is, three shawls in, still something to marvel at. You start out thinking you're at the point of the triangle when actually you end at the point, but it's not clear at first. Clever.


Yarn: Knitpicks Shadow, in Jewel, snapped up when Donyale was having a destash a while back. I actually have two skeins left because I only used one (and a tiny bit) for this shawl. It's lovely yarn, if not particularly flash. I think this will make a good, easy wear shawl(ette). 

It measures 165cm by 59cm (or 69inches by 23 inches). Four repeats short and still quite good. Also, I got bored. No, not bored. Impatient. I am going to start new lace right on or after Christmas and I wanted to be ready!


Early on I was concerned the diamonds in the lace were not diamonds but in fact hearts. Judge for yourselves. They are a bit heart-like, aren't they? Never mind. I can cope. 

Finally, tomorrow Sean and I are having, for the second year in a row, a little Christmas lunch for ourselves a few days early. Last year we decided that because we never hold Christmas at our house, we never get to learn  how to cook a proper festive meal. We'll be scaling it back somewhat from the bazillion dishes I prepared last year, but with a special menu planned, some wine and a day of just being at home alone, it's bound to be fun.

If only I didn't now have a very sore throat. Here's hoping I can still taste by tomorrow.