Thursday, 11 December 2008

Happiness is....

Coming home from a distinctly blah day to find a parcel on the front step.

What was inside?


Having missed out on the rare treat of an update to the Wollmeise store last week because I was out being a social butterfly, I was delighted to find this treasure unexpectedly waiting for me. It was from Donni, that charming lass from Wollongong. And she sent treats (as if the yarn itself were not enough of a treat!)

Little sugar coated pieces of Christmas cheer. 

Why, you might ask, would someone pass on their Wollmeise to someone else? Well, as Donni explained when I called her at once to say thank you, it came in the Wollmeise sock club and it didn't do it for her. I think she felt that sounded bad, but honestly it didn't.

As I said to her, if something doesn't sing to you, send it to someone else and it might sing to them. Donni knows that I don't mind a stripe or two. I'm not adverse to a plain knit sock that begs for a striping or even heavily variegated colourway. Ah-ah, no not me. Love me a stripe. 

One knitter's meh yarn is another knitter's treasure! 

Some people will go to any length to buy Wollmeise, even doing so while they're in labour! Me, I just wait for it to come to me, to find me as it were. 

Thank you Donni. Biggest hugs!!!

And thank you everyone for your lovely attempts to reassure me that Christmas, sans longed for babies, doesn't have to be sad. No, it doesn't. It is about being with loved ones and it is about cherishing the good things. Trust me, those things will all happen, but the losses are painful and the sadness far reaching. It's a terrible, terrible thing to be living with but we're good at self care. We treat ourselves, take things easy and cut back on the pressure as far as possible. We're looking forward to kicking of the season with our now annual pre-christmas celebration for 2 on the 20th.