Saturday, 13 December 2008

What will they think of next?

After a day or two of some seriously unseasonal weather - bucket loads of rain and howling wind - we opted for a Saturday at home to do stuff. Most of it is not blog-worthy but I think there's one part of it that most definitely is and given the lack of knitting I'm able to actually talk about, pre-Christmas, this will have to do instead.

Tinkingbell is a funny gal. She sent a few of us the oddest Christmas present ever. A sheep that grows crystal wool. Yes. Really.

I decided to spend the day documenting this oddity.

Exhibit one. 10am this morning. Just out of the box. See the little package? You tip that questionable substance into a little slot in the sheep's back. I was skeptical at this point. So was Sean. But we poured carefully and waited.

An hour later, it looked like this. You had to get in real close, but on closer inspection, there were indeed the tiniest little crystals to be seen. Sorry. Not crystals. Wool, people. It's wool. 

An hour or so later, there was real improvement. You've no idea how many photos I took. Really. Of a plastic sheep with crystal wool. 

The most recent photo is this one. About two hours ago when the light was still good. It just keeps growing. Bizarre. Tink, you are crazy. Thanks for a day's entertainment. It gave me a good excuse to get up from whatever I was doing periodically and have a look.

According to the packet, the 'wool' lasts 2-3 days. We shall see. Progress will be reported. Anyone interested in the decomposition process of crystal 'wool'? I'm just tipsy enough now to think this is an appealing prospect.

Oh and Tink also sent yarn. It's nice yarn (of course). It's Baruffa Cashwool, which I have never heard of before today. It's so soft and the most delicate ice blue. Thanks Tink! 

Slowly, but surely, I'm getting my parcels out. As stated earlier, not all of them are going to arrive before Christmas. That's just how it is. 

Tomorrow, actual knitting content. At the moment, all i can show is glimpses. Like this.

Some gifts are just too hard to post, even if I don't say who they're for. Like a baby gift I'm knitting right now. Amy in Rhode Island is gonna know right away it's for her little girl and that's just not on. Some surprises are sacred.