Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Repeat Performance

I have long been a fan of knitting something twice. If it worked once, it'll work again and there's comfort in the familiarity of a repeat performance. 

(Remind me I said that next time I've got one half of a pair of socks lingering for too long?)

So I managed to quickly whip up another Retro-Rib Hand Towel. It's another gift and, for Christmas at least, it's the last one. Yes, I know I said I'd finished all the Christmas knitting a week ago, but I also said that if I chose to, I'd knit more gifts. Like other people we know, I'm still feeling quite bah-humbugish about Christmas but little moments of happiness are found in putting together packages like these.

But this, my friends, is it. No more. Because I have a lace shawl to finish. It looks like this, if you can't remember.


I'm about three rows off.

Next post, I'll update about the sheep. I think he's still with us.