Thursday, 19 February 2009


I wanted to show you all what's been keeping me off the streets this week. I'm having a rather hellish week at work; it's one long series of contracts and Ministerial briefing papers so in the evenings, plain knitting has met my weary needs.

Just recently, I mentioned how much I was loving discovering the joys of top down cardigan construction. I think these photos will show why I'm loving making the Something Red cardigan

You can try it on as you go! Genius!


I love this blurry shot Sean took.

Combine worsted weight cotton with 4.5mm needles and a straight forward design and you have what I have begun to call an Insta-Cardigan! Although it's been mostly straight forward,  I have had to call on people with a little more experience than I have on this kind of thing. Both Georgie and RoseRed have been very helpful in the questions department.


Soon I'll begin the ribbing that makes up the bottom half of the piece, then I'll whip up a couple of sleeves and I'll be set to head into autumn with a delightful, new blue cardigan.

This cotton is fantastic, by the way. I'm surprised to not see more of it showing up on Ravelry. It's Lana Grossa Nico and it's soft and gives a gorgeous stitch definition.

Working on this cardigan is well and truly keeping me occupied this week. I can hardly put it down