Sunday, 22 February 2009

Let the Show Begin

Recognise these three? Maybe, maybe not. 

Canberra Show Entries

These are three of my favourite projects from the last year (the Steeked Jacket at the back, Shetland Triangle down the front, Hemlock Ring Blanket in the middle) and today, along with Georgie, I took them to the Craft Pavilion at the Epic Showground where we dropped off our work so it could be part of the 2009 Royal Canberra Show.

I've never entered a show before and a few years ago would have surely sniggered at the thought. The idea once sounded so twee but now that I'm part of a fabulous community that celebrates our creative endeavours so passionately, it makes sense to find a way to express that creativity publicly, and with friends.

Getting a place, or even winning a category isn't the object (Sean, stop laughing!). It'll just be fun to show up and see all our work on display. I'll report back next weekend!