Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Things with holes in them

I'm taking a small break from my black Myrtle Leaf shawl and so I have started two other small items with holes in them to take its place.  Don't worry. There's nothing wrong with the shawl, I just need some variety instead of going hell for leather and exhausting myself on it.

The first is a doily. And not just any doily. It's a Hemlock Ring Doily, the pattern which was used as the basis for BrooklynTweed's Hemlock Ring Blanket. As we know, I've made that blanket twice. RoseRed said yesterday, 'you must be able to do the pattern with your eyes shut!'

Not quite.


It's a lot smaller than the 12ply wool I used for the blanket! I spent the better part of a sick day off work doing this. I got to round 37 and realised there was something wrong, checked the net for errata and sure enough, row 35 was the problem. I should have remembered that The Rainey sisters posted errata for this row some time ago. 

I stop every now and then and have the following conversation, or variations of it, with myself.

Me: I can't believe you're knitting a doily.
Me: I know. Weird. I hate doilies.
Me: So why are you knitting one?
Me: Well I'm not sure I REALLY hate them. There's certainly a place for doilies.
Me: Really? Then how come you don't have any?
Me: Because I haven't made any myself before and I think a handknit one would be so much nicer than a mass produced doily.
Me: Won't this look much the same?
Me: Maybe. But I'll have MADE it. That makes all the difference. It's such a cool thing to have made.

So we'll see what happens when it's done. Who says doilies can't be chic?

And in Personal Sock Club news, I have a new pair on the go. Blackrose socks from Knitty

Blackrose Socks

The yarn was chosen late one night just before I fell asleep. The Pomatomus socks were done and the packages of Sock Club yarn were all lined up in the spare room. I remembered it was time to choose a new skein! 

From the spare room I called out to Sean, who would have probably preferred to be sleeping at that point, and asked him to choose a number between one and ten. The number he chose corresponded to the bag with the Socks that Rock in Ravenscroft. Oh joy! 

After some deliberation, I decided that Blackrose was the perfect pattern. I love gothing it up once in a while and it's gorgeous, lacy pattern that's quite easy to get into.

So you see, there's still plenty of lacy stuff, even when I'm not working on THE lace project.

Speaking of which, A Long Lacy Summer comes to an end on 28 February. I'll do a wrap up post shortly after that, so post your projects on your blogs, finished or otherwise, if you'd like to be included.