Sunday, 1 March 2009

Pretty bloody happy

This is how I looked when I arrived at the Royal Canberra Show yesterday afternoon, standing in front of the cabinet where my Shetland Triangle Shawl was hanging with a nice blue ribbon attached to it.

Show winner

Jejune was there ahead of RoseRed and I and she was excited to show me what she'd known for an hour or so already.

Steeked Jacket and blue ribbon

My entries were awarded not one but three first prizes in the knitting section of the show! I wrote to tell Julie last night that the piece she designed did so well. I was excited to do that for her.

Having never entered a show like this before, I really am quite surprised. I had no idea how my pieces would rate against others and so this was just a delightful little thrill.

Here's one taken in front of two of the winning pieces, my steeked jacket and my Hemlock Memory Blanket.

Show Winner 2

To add even more thrill to the afternoon, as we moved around we saw that our friends had also won. Both George and Quilting Mick scored incredibly well, winning prizes in their chosen sections of crochet, sewing or knitting. What a great body of work we'd presented, and seeing it all there on show amongst other beautiful and impressive works was fabulous.

I reckon I'll start thinking about next year's a while.

The rest of the hot, dusty afternoon was spent wandering around the show. We stumbled across a German food stall and indulged in some amazing sausages.

German sausage

We checked out the animals such as these goats - in sheep's clothing. No idea what this was about!

Goats in sheeps clothing

I felt sorry for this dude. He was literally panting in the heat. Can't imagine wearing a coat like that.


Before heading home we sought out Kylie and her other half in their dog sport activities. I always wondered what the game of flyball was about, when Kylie and Trent would talk about it. Now, having sat in the sun and marvelled at just how fast dogs can run, I know.

Trent and Possum

That was a nice weekend. Really nice. Couldn't ask for more.