Friday, 20 March 2009

A few dot points

There just really hasn't been the scope/need/desire/material for blogging this week. I've got nothing I can show that hasn't been seen before, or else nothing that has been photographed in readiness for posting. Nothing. So, a few dot points is what I'm capable of for now.

  • I will forewarn you all (apologies to those who've been reading me whining in emails or in person or on Facebook) that I think my Something Blue cardigan isn't much cop. I intend to post photos of the finished cardigan on the weekend when I can get photos but I'm really not sure it's me. Unflattering, is how i feel about it, but I'll let the readers help me decide.
  • Some of you may not know, because we've been slack for quite some time, that RoseRed and I have a shared food blog. It's called Mouthfuls of Heaven and it's devoted to the work of British cook, Nigella Lawson. RoseRed's been baking and updating the blog. Her Boston Cream Pie looks wickedly wonderful.

  • I fully intended to be a good girl this year and only buy yarn on the rarest occassions, and when it seemed like a considered and worthy purchase. For the most part, I've done that although I did buy more of that $2.50 Chinese cotton earlier this week. That can hardly be said to be overdoing it, now, can it?

  • On that note, however, I did splurge considerably this week. A blogger many of us know and love, Kylie, is heading to England and Wales for work tomorrow and I've placed an order for some stuff that we either can't get here or which is a better price over there (despite the poor value of the Aussie dollar against the pound). Stay tuned. I'm a little bit excited. Have a safe trip, Kylie.

  • I'm all about the gift knit at the moment. Young Will is turning 5 next week and I'm knitting him a vest which is flying off the needles. Adele turned thirty-something last week and I'm working on a little item for her to accompany her main gift (not knitted). And a friend at work is having, shall we say, intimate surgery next week and will need several weeks' recovery time. I'm going to be working on something for her over the next little while, too. The sooner that's finished the better because I want to give it to her early in the recovery process, not later.

  • Now that the weather is cooling down, I've made a startling and wonderful discovery. This time last year, I owned one shawl. My brown forest canopy shawl. I'm wearing it right now and love it to pieces. It thrills me to no end to realise now that I have not one but four small triangular shawls to choose from every day and I fully intend to have more. Sean asked, 'how many shawls does a girl need?' Scoff. As many as she can knit I say. In all those different colours? Why not?

  • Do you Tweet? If you do, I'm there too as Bellsg. Follow me if you want!

  • One other thing, I believe some readers thought that in my recent post on the crochet doily I had completed said doily in one, sleepless night. Even Sean said it read that way. No no. Not at all. I was only awake for a few hours that night. It was completed a few days later at more sane waking hours.

  • And finally, a bit of advance notice. In April, which is my blogiversary month, I've had this crazy idea that I'll attempt a repeat of last year's Blogtoberfest scheme - remember the month where lots of us posted daily? I thought it might be a fun way to celebrate my third year of blogging and to include random prizes for small items periodically. So keep an eye out for my month of celebratory (and, most likely, draining) daily blogging! With prizes! You have been warned!

Have a good weekend everyone.