Saturday, 21 March 2009

Hey Blue, here is a song for you

I need honest opinions on this, ok? Something Blue just isn't right and I want to hear all the ways I need to fix it.

First, it should be longer, right?

Something Blue front

Quite apart from the fact that the band makes it ride up at the front, I just think it's too short. By about 2 inches. Here's the back view.


I really don't like the way the rib opens up and makes it look like it's really stretched across my hips. It does that, doesn't it? Or does it not look as bad as I think? If I do change that, one of the ways I might do it (thanks for the suggestion, RoseRed) is to make the lower half all stocking stitch, with perhaps a band of rib in the middle for shaping. Thoughts? Leave the rib or ditch it?

Also, I have a feeling I should continue the knit part down maybe by about an inch before I start the ribbing. Or not?


And what about that band? I see quite clearly that I'm going to have to redo it, but how do I avoid that most unattractive pulling/curling that it does there at the bottom? I cast off the band as loosely as I could but that doesn't appear to be the problem. Perhaps at the beginning of each long row, I should have slipped a stitch instead of doing my usual trick of giving the first stitch a little tug?

Also, I think the button hole really has to change. The pattern asks you to put it 3/4 of an inch from the body, then you go on and knit the band til it's 2 inches (or more in my case. i wanted it wider). So it's really got to be more in the middle.

It is also up too high. My sister is always impressing on me that single buttons need to sit beneath the bust, not on it and I think I messed up on this one.

The other thing that tells me the button placement is all wrong, is that the button is obviously putting a lot of strain on the hole.


Other than all of the above, I love this cardigan. The cotton is divinely soft. The colour is one I think really suits me. The concept appeals to me and dammit, I want to be able to wear it. I believe in wearing my hand knits. Those that I don't wear taunt me from the back of the wardrobe and I wish I had taken more care.

So, let me have it. I want to hear what's wrong and what needs to be fixed! All suggestions welcome.

I should add, because it's knit top down, adding to the length isn't too hard. I'll take off the band and rip back to the start of the rib, if I have to.