Thursday, 30 April 2009

Cookie A and BKFFs

Many, many sock knitters love Cookie A. Who amongst us hasn't knit at least a pair of Monkey socks? Or Pomatomus?  Ok, not everyone has, but there are almost 9000 pairs of monkey socks on Ravelry. She's popular. Very popular and not without good reason.

It was probably only a matter of time before she put out a book. I thought her website was pretty cool and so wondered if a book was really necessary. Exciting, certainly. But necessary? When she's already such a great presence on the net? Nonetheless, when RoseRed offered to get a copy for me from Amazon when she ordered hers, who was I to say no?

As it turns out, a Cookie A book actually is necessary. Buy the book for the instructional chapter alone. Not just a how to knit socks, but a how to design socks. If you've ever had the slightest notion of having a go at designing socks (I have, but I'm scared of numbers!) then this is a great book for you. A chance to dig around inside the mind of a very clever sock designer is absolutely worth it. 

And if it's not designing you're after, at the very least it's a chance to really have a good think about how socks are constructed and why. 

The socks are amazing. A little too amazing in some instances. With daunting looking charts and rather busy looking cables, I think some of them are socks I may not ever attempt. I won't say never, but honestly, they're a bit full on some of them. Others are just perfectly gorgeous and impressive and I plan to knit quite a few.

Also, there is the rather sweet reference in the book, several times, to her blogging and sock knitting friend, Kristi, as her BKFF (Best Knitting Friend Forever). It made me smile. So cheesy it's cute.

So it was quite fitting then that, at knitting camp, me and two of my very best BKFFs cast on socks from Sock Innovation together. Not just three socks, but three of the same socks, in different yarn. 

group cauchy photo

L-R: RoseRed's in Mountain Colours Barefoot; mine in Patonyle; Kylie's in Socks that Rock. The pattern is Cauchy (Ko-Shee) which is a rather nice, simple geometric pattern, and arguably the most straightforward and simple sock in the book.

You can't really see it yet but I guess you can see the beginning of the geometric stitch pattern.


These are for Sean. I think he'll like them. He certainly made the right noises, nodding approval etc. 

+  +  +

So today marks the end of my month of daily blogging. Thanks for participating! If you won a prize, I'm sending them all out next week.

I have really, really enjoyed daily blogging. I'm not sure how I found the time some days. But I got there. I have to say I'm looking forward though to being able to go out tomorrow night and not think of a post to write in advance! I can wait until Saturday if I want! 

By then I'll be able to show you the Ishbel shawl I am going to cast on tonight. I am weak. So very weak. I can't resist. You all had very good arguments for why I should do it, and so I will.