Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Dot Points: Or Why I Want to Knit Ishbel

I present for your entertainment (or otherwise) a random selection of dot points because I can't be bothered dealing with photos tonight.

  • Today I bought the absolutely gorgeous Ishbel pattern by Ysolda Teague. You know, the adorable and apparently deliciously simple shawl (or shawlette) that so far a mere 700+ people on Ravelry have already made? I want to be one of them.
  • I am heavily committed to completing a large project for my brother's birthday in less than 3 weeks. I know I'll do it and that some leave I'm having in that time will help with getting it done, but still, I have a wandering eye and Ishbel is so alluring. Evil temptress.
  • RoseRed has not helped. She is urging me on to do it via email. I should have just turned off the computer.
  • George did not help either. She said that I could do it provided it wasn't another very dark or black project. I had planned dark yarn. Duh. I need another darkly coloured project like a hole in the head.
  • Moving right along. I heard a school principal use the word 'incursion' today in a most annoying fashion. He spoke of his students taking excursions or incursions. He said it many, many times. All I could think of was young kids undertaking military maneuvers. I wasn't even sure that's what incursion meant, i just knew I heard it most often in news reports about the Middle East. And so I cringed. Many times. I think he meant activities where the kids don't leave the school.
  • If you are wondering what happened to all the blog post topic suggestions, I haven't forgotten them. Many of them require time to think about and draft, with photos. I've got some excursions planned. There will, however, be no incursions on these excursions.
  • I miss camp. I miss lots of people from camp. Can we go again next weekend?
  • It's so cold right now and I am happy. Today I wore a black flared skirt, heavy black stockings, black heels, a black t-shirt and a black cardigan. Over the top, wrapped around like a scarf, was my red shetland triangle shawl on its first outing as a shawl and not a shrug. I felt so good. I am going to have to knit more such shawls because they work brilliantly as accessories. Oh, I know, what about Ishbel?
  • Oh that's right. I'm being good. Not casting on anything else right now. Committed knitting must be done. I am sure my brother will appreciate the sacrifice. No, you're right, who am I kidding? He won't. He'll love the item (psst: it's a pi blanket). He just won't get what a sacrifice it was for me not to cast on Ishbel tonight.
  • Being responsible is sometimes so boring. This is not meant to sound like I don't love the pi blanket. I do. But I love Ishbel too.
It's time to knit and watch TV.

Bells - who still wants to knit Ishbel.