Sunday, 12 April 2009

Not socks!

The pale blue koigu I'm employing to save my eyes from certain weariness has found a purpose.

It will not be socks.

It will be a February Baby Sweater, Elizabeth Zimmermann's lovely pattern from the February chapter of The Knitter's Almanac.

February Baby Sweater

And who is it for? My still very new little niece Alice who really, really needs to be armed with made-by-Aunty-Bells knitwear by the time Canberra descends into the dark, foggy days of winter.

What baby doesn't need a whole jacket made of Koigu? I know I'd love one, so the next best thing is to make one for her.

I've just started the lace part and it's going quite well. Last time I tried gull stitch I made the mistake of doing so on slightly variegated malabrigo. No deal. This is much better.

February Baby Sweater-detail

And I have to admit that switching from all the black projects to something small, pretty and pale is quite lovely.