Monday, 6 April 2009

Silk Garden

It's a week for finishing projects. I'm trying to get as many off my plate as possible. Here's another, and it's a gift.


It's the Dayflower Scarf (Rav Link) which is also available here as a PDF download. I started it back in January, when the days were really hot. Crazy, huh? But it happened because I woke up one day and longed to try the Noro Silk Garden I'd had in my stash since a trip to Bowral with RoseRed last year.


I didn't know if I'd like the Silk Garden. It appealed to me in the skein, and the idea of a silk, kid mohair and lambswool combination held the greatest allure, but it felt a bit weird in my hands. Sort of nubbly, sort of rough, not like you might expect, sort of full of bits as you can see in the above photo.

However, within a few rows of casting on, getting into a steady groove with what turned out to be a delightfully simple lace pattern, I knew I was in love. This was going to be a fabulous scarf that I'd adore. It was fast too, when I actually worked on it. On 5mm/Size 8 needles, this thing flew.


Then I decided to give it away. A friend at work had major surgery last week and I'm going to visit her this week and give it to her. She had commented a while back on my brown Forest Canopy shawl so I knew she was drawn to natural tones.

This should do the trick nicely. Now I just have to get myself another couple of skeins of Silk Garden to make something like it for myself.

Also, the stitch marker contest has closed and I'll do a draw in the next day or so.