Sunday, 5 April 2009

Something Blue

Well the better part of this weekend has been taken up by fixing up my Something Blue cardigan by reknitting the band (on 4mm needles, when the body was knit on 4.5mm). Was it worth it?

The jury is out. I *think* I like it but I'm still not 100% satisfied, now I've seen the photos.


See, it flares out at the bottom now. Instead of curling up, it flares. This is because in an attempt to avoid curling, I knitted extra stitches when I picked up for the band.

Now there are too many. In some photos, it flares right open, although there was a slight breeze.

When I stand still with no breeze and the band kept in place by my hands, it's ok.


From the back, you all made me see that it's not anything like I imagined. It's nice.


And you know what? It feels nice to wear. I love the feel of the Nico cotton. So warm and soft. It's a comfy piece to wear. I've learned a lot from it and may in fact make another one, probably in cotton that's not so springy. Or even wool.

Here's the other important thing. I didn't change the length of the plain part. I left it because I had a sneaking suspicion that it was the band that was at fault. When I'd been knitting it, I'd tried the top part on countless times and just knew the length was right. It was all the doing of the band that make it look like it was riding half way up my bust line.

As a first top down, it's a good project to have learned with. I'll make more in that style. The absence of seaming was wonderful.

But I'm glad to have it done and dusted now. Maybe I should add a second button? Maybe I should do the band again?

Maybe I'll just accept it for what it is and move on.