Monday, 25 May 2009

Purple Tangle

As luck would have it, I awoke this morning sick. All that talk of getting on with plans came to a screeching halt with a definite bout of a sore throat and a cold. I'm not dying, but I don't feel great.

There's just one thing to say about this that's good. I will now rest. And knit. And go out little. Can't complain about that.

I was not, however, too sick to start the day with a bit of yarn buying. Before I'd even had a cup of tea, mind you. Ailsa over at Knitabulous has opened an eye-poppingly gorgeous etsy yarn shop. Her dyed sock yarns and lace weights are stunning and I've resisted for a little while, but the delirium of illness made me buy something in vivid purple today. Oops.

After a spot of reading in bed (Nancy Mitford's Love in a Cold Climate), I got reacquainted with my February Lady Sweater. If you've made this, you'll know that the yoke for this cardigan goes on forever. Much like the garter stitch edging on my brother's pi blanket (which is finished, I might add. Photos later in the week.)

february lady sweater - yoke

Between the blanket edging and the cardigan yoke, I'm doing a lot of garter stitch at the moment. Almost an entire week of it.

The afternoon did not pan out so well. I've got a secret knit on the go, which I can't say anything about at all, but I can talk about the yarn. It's Fibreworks 4ply merino which I bought at the markets a couple of weeks ago. It's lovely but I think the people at Fibreworks need to take a bit more care with the way they skein up the wool. I was careful but I messed up the first one. Look.

tangled fibreworks

The last time this happened, a kindly reader called Catherine stepped in and saved me. Today, in a rather forward step, I wrote and asked her if she was keen to help me out again. The crazy woman gave a resounding yes and promised to return it ASAP. It'll be in the mail tomorrow.

The second skein was also pretty messy at the points where it was joined but I was on high alert and managed to avoid another crisis.


After that, I got on promptly with starting the Top Secret project and knocked over a goodly amount of it. Maybe this being sick thing isn't so bad after all. Tomorrow, I head to the country for the day for an Austen-fest. I'm not too sick for that. After all, it's what I'd be doing if I was at home anyway!