Sunday, 9 August 2009

Lacy Mock Cable Socks III

(This is a repeat posting - for some reason the photos all vanished and people couldn't see them. Fixed now!)

When trying to choose which knitting projects to take to my sister's house for a few days, I thought about how I'd be busy running around after my nephew, Will; how there'd be a lot of talking and not much chance for concentrating. So i took only socks and only easy socks that were well overdue to be finished.

The plan worked for one pair of socks which are modelled here by Adele. How good is it to have socks modelled by someone else! For once I didn't have to try and come up with interesting angles while perching on steps or performing contortions on the lawn during daylight!

Jitterbug Mock Cable Socks

Willem got into the shot, too, not to mention the cat in the background.

Colinette Jitterbug Socks - Velvet Plum

The socks are the Lacy Mock Cable pattern made from Colinette Jitterbug in Velvet Plum. Getting Adele to model them was risky business. We discovered a hole in the original pair I made for her (same pattern even!) but this yarn was a gift from RoseRed and I love the colour so I sure as hell won't be giving them away! Adele will have to wait for her own pair.

This is the third time I've made this pattern. It was one of the earliest patterns I used once I felt brave enough to let go of the sides and dive into patterned rather than plain socks. If you're a not so confident sock knitter, looking for a way to branch out into semi-lacy socks, this is a very good, easily memorised pattern.


I just adore the colour. Colinette do amazing sock yarn and after warnings from others, I was careful about the yardage. More than a few people failed to get a full pair out of Jitterbug but I weighed them carefully and each sock is 54g - thankfully the skeins are 110g!

My trip away was really lovely. Just sisters hanging out during the day, with Willem for added company and fun. We made cupcakes, among many other great activities over two days.

Me, Willem and Cupcakes

He decorated them with those pink and white lolly teeth. He was pretty pleased with his efforts, as he should have been! Aunty time is good for the soul.