Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Winter Garden

I'll say one things for bulbs, even when your garden is a largely neglected wasteland, the bulbs still do their thing. No water, no feeding, no real tending of any kind and yet come August, their beauty still shines.

Purple Anemone

I wandered outside on the weekend and found delicately unfurling petals, like the Anemone above.

And some bigger, already opened anemones.

Pink Anemone - open

I think the intolerably dry summer this year did terrible things to many of the bulbs from last year. In northern climates I'm sure they go on for years, but I found at the end of summer that some had been cooked in the flimsy, dead soil. It made me sad. I know I can lift then but we planted over 200 bulbs last year and I'm sure as hell not lifting them all!

This is the only crocus I could find in the front beds.


Just one little candle flame of a flower. The rest are all gone.

Pink Anemone

I try to value the green and the colour I'm finding in the garden at the moment. I've ignored it over winter, feeling too much like hibernating to really deal with it, but at least I can be glad that a few bulbs survived.


Soon it'll be time to start thinking about spring plantings.

This week I'm off to Sydney on my own for a couple of days to just hang out with Adele and Will. Serious aunty time coming my way. Can't wait!