Sunday, 2 August 2009

Small Shawls and a Baby Kimono

I've had a bit of a weird week since I last posted. A bit patchy on the knitting front, a bit crazy on the work front, and a bit odd on the 'other things' front.

Not that I intend to discuss it much, because talking about weight and food is a bit dull, but I started Weight Watchers, in an attempt to shift the damage inflicted by two years of futile fertility treatment and generally not taking much care of myself as a result. I've figured out so far that I eat good healthy food, just too much of it. Who knew?

On the knitting front, I think it's probably quite normal to hit a bit of a knitting slump after finishing something like a cardigan, especially one that was part of a race and took only 20 days to knit. I'm not sure if I exhausted myself exactly, that'd be overstating the case, but I felt at a bit of a loss once the Garter Yoke Cardigan was done.

I did start a little shawl (thank you LynS for pointing out shawlette is a nasty word!). I started right away working on the Aestlight shawl, a simply knit small shawl made in the traditional Shetland way, according to designer Gudrun Johnston.

It was pointed out to be by mad keen shawl knitter Jan of Pass the Slipped stitch Over. It was lovely. Really gorgeous, until I hit the birds eye lace section. I don't like that stitch, not one bit. I stuffed it up and moved on. I think I'll go back, because it's so cute as a project. But not now. Jan, however, has made a beautiful one. Check it out.

Instead, I started the Milkweed shawl. No doubt, if you inhabit knitting blogland, you'll have seen it already. It's everywhere right now. A bit Ishbel-esque in its popularity and I can see why. It's a very pretty little knit. Laura Chau is clever and I'm plugging away at it for now, not holding my breath because me and shawls are kind of not seeing eye to eye at the moment. But here it is.

Milkweed shawl - 60 rows in

The yarn is by Ailsa, or Knitabulous, and it's called Merlot Friday. The observant among you might have picked what the colour also looks like. Hello, knitpicks cables anyone? I am certain Ailsa never intended it but it amuses me to think of it from time to time while I knit.

I did manage to finish off a sweet little cardigan for my niece Alice, who was an all day visitor at our house yesterday while her parents attended a family wedding. I started this kimono about a month ago and just needed to add sleeves, which I spent Friday night doing. Here she is modelling it yesterday morning.

Alice's new pink cardi

I have to say I have mixed feelings about the pattern. It's the Seamless Baby Kimono. I made one for Alice a couple of months ago and the little chubster has outgrown it. So I made another.

The problem with the last one was that it was very floppy around the neck. I read that some people added a row of single crochets around the neck to reinforce it a bit. I did that and it does help, but the front is still kinda floppy and I'm not keen on how the wrap does up.

Maybe it's me? The underneath section of the wrap doesn't connect to anything. It kind of hangs, like it needs some button or something to tie it up on the inside. It's only held together properly in that photo because I put Sean's fingers in the right place to hold it. Anyone who's made this got thoughts? I reckon I'll make a regular cardigan for Alice next, or a dress. I do enjoy knitting this little piece. It works as a concept, just not as a successful wrap, for me at any rate. I just can't get it to a wearable state I'm happy with.

Anyway, I'm sure Alice will still get wear out of this, even with its faults. It's still cold here. The yarn is Bendigo Woollen Mills Rustic 8ply in Pink Opal and I think she looks very pretty in it.

Edited to add: First comment by Leonie shows I have utterly failed to read the pattern well. It asks you to add a button to hold it closed. Duh.

Everyone says it but it's true, baby girl knits are so much fun.


ps thanks for all the fabulous suggestions on naming the Knitting With Bells bear. I have stared at the list and stared at it and I can't decide. I will choose one - it's just so hard!