Saturday, 10 October 2009

Blogtoberfest Day 10: Sara's Scarf

For some weeks now I've been working on a Top Secret Gift. I hinted at it a while ago when I said I'd discovered a new favourite yarn.

Today I was able to hand over, finally, the finished product to my very special friend and workmate, Sara (pronounced like Sarah, just minus the H), who turns 21 today.

Here it is. Branching Out, from Knitty.

Branching Out Scarf

Buying the yarn for this was a bit of a gamble. I love Malabrigo, but hadn't used their Silky Merino before. I knew the moment it arrived from Yarn and Kisses that it was amazing. The silk content, married with the light capturing colour (it's Tatami) was just glorious and I cast it on right away.

Branching Out 3

Two skeins and about four weeks later, I had a finished scarf. I finished it two days before I was due to give it to her and presented it at work yesterday. It's long! Sara is tall and it's longer than she is - she wears it looped around her neck and it still hangs down quite long!

Branching Out 2

You know, many people talk about Branching Out like it's the perfect scarf for the beginning lace knitter but I didn't find that. I tried it twice in 2006 and each time I gave up. I tried it in fine yarn and didn't get it. I'm not sure why now since it's actually pretty straight forward. In fact, so straight forward I got bored towards the end, and it was only knowing that Sara's birthday was looming that kept me going.

Branching Out 1

However, it's done now and I do believe it was most appreciated. She wrote down 'Malabrigo' to tell her mum and spent the day wearing it and stroking the kitteny softness of the beautiful Silky Merino.

Happy birthday my friend! Enjoy being 21!