Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Of Roses and Lace

Summer is here. Unofficially. The calendar still says November, but the mercury says summer has arrived. We are in salad and cool drink territory now.

And lace. Lots and lots of lace. I promised on my blog break I'd do some maintenance on the blog, which was to include adding a list of A Long Lacy Summer participants to the sidebar but oops, I had a real break from blogging. One that included not doing anything to the site. I'll get to it. I've been busy with Icarus. Remember how I was agonising over the right project for my Helen's Lace? Remember how I was totally over thinking the whole thing?

Behold Icarus. This is what happens when you stop over thinking and just knit.

Icarus shawl 10/11/09

I love this shawl so far. Yeah it's fairly mindless but hey, after my Myrtle Leaf shawl, I think I earned the right to do some lace where I just enjoyed something simple, right?

It's the lace knitting equivalent, I think, of just smelling the roses. Or, if you're me, with no functioning olfactory nerves, just enjoying the look of them.

This is a heritage rose my father in law gave us as a cutting and they are flowering. Stunning, don't you reckon?

Red Rose

And speaking of cutting, a certain someone who also lives here injured himself terribly last night - the top of his thumb is now held together with stitches. We love our sharp knives, but sometimes we are careless. Thankfully he is left handed and the injury is on his right thumb. He can still use his iphone. That's a relief!

And no I haven't worn my Myrtle Leaf shawl to the Opera House to see Tori Amos yet. That's next Monday and I just can't wait.